Welcome to the Prestige Pork website. Prestige Pork is based at Orchard Farm between the Blackdown and the Quantock Hills. Our pigs lead stress-free lives on our farm in the beautiful Somerset countryside. Here the pigs are free to roam in green fields, escape from the elements in their purpose built shelters, or wallow to their heartsí content in muddy puddles.

The goal of Prestige Pork is to produce the highest quality pork. We do this through a combination of good breeding, quality feed and exceptional pig welfare standards. As well as this from slow and careful rearing we believe we have created very high quality meat and we’re sure you will agree it is time well spent.

Prestige Pork stands out from the rest because:

  • We care about our pigs. Throughout their lives we look after their welfare and ensure that they are happy and healthy;
  • Our pork has a delicious flavour, an excellent texture and is of the highest quality;
  • Our customers have the assurance of knowing exactly where there pork has come from;
  • Prestige Pork is available at Rumwell Farm Shop.

For further information please contact James Mitchell via one of the following methods:

Address: Orchard Farm, Hillcommon, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 1DW.
Tel: 01823 400425
07799 261415
Email: james@prestigepork.co.uk

Prestige Pork based in Somerset
Outdoor reared British Pork
Piglets at Orchard Farm
Outdoor reared British Pork
Prestige Pork is run by James Mitchell at Orhchard Farm
Prestige Pork, free-range pork